Book editing on the cheap

Automatically edit your book (or essay, blog post, etc.) using computer magic.

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πŸ’³ Secure one-time payment.

πŸ•‘ Results in 2 hours or less.

Pro book editing is $$$

If you have 75,000 words:

Pro editor costs ~ $6,000 πŸ’€

Our price ~ $30 200x cheaper

(max. 1,000,000)

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What is it?

It's a way to get another "set of eyes" on your manuscript, and get the corrections and suggestions a real, human editor would provide, and more:

  • Grammar
  • Style
  • Story/developmental editing
  • Marketability assessment
  • etc.

All without breaking the bank.

Behind the scenes, Autoedit uses a combination of good ol' fashion algorithmic work along with novel AI tech, to accomplish things unthinkable (or ultra-hard) just two years ago.

One of these things is the ability to automatically provide a coherent, useful editorial analysis of large bodies of text.

How it works

1Submit your textβ€”simply paste it.

2Get an instant FREE technical report (word count, readability and consumption metrics)

3Find out exactly how much you'll pay for the in-depth report, and an estimate of how long it will take.

4If you decide to go ahead, make a one-time secure payment.

5Our sleepless, always-on robotic editors (algorithmic-AI hybrids) get to work!

6As soon as your in-depth editing report is done, we'll send it to you (as text, HTML, and PDF).

!You don't get your report? You get a full refund.

Book editing is expensive. And slooow...

Professional human editors don't come cheap (see above). Retaining the services of one will cost you a pretty penny, and the job will take weeks or even months.

When you're a struggling, self-published, unproven author, that kind of expense doesn't quite make sense. Neither does publishing your book without at least some form of third-party editing.

This is where Autoedit comes in: we edit your work using robots, at a fraction of the cost of a human editor, and in a jiffy.

Is it as good as humans?

No. Alhough at times, on limited portions of your text, it may be even better. Nothing can fully replace the human touch in things even remotely artistic.

The real question is, "Is it useful?". Our answer is a resounding "Yes!" and we're sure you'll get a lot of value from it as well.

You're not getting the boutique service$ of a seasoned book editor, but you are getting useful feedback and suggestions for improvement, up to 200 times cheaper.

Even if you plan on eventually retaining a real, human book editor, you still get a lot out of an automatic edit, during your self-editing phase. Since editors' rates often vary with the quality of your material, a polished manuscript may get you a better price.

Why not just use ChatGPT directly?

You absolutely can! However, you'll soon notice that for book-length text, something like ChatGPT won't work. You'd need to feed it your book in small bites, and then sort of integrate everything yourself. This means a lot of tedious work, the kind that drives you mad, but computers excel at.

You'd also need to give it the right prompts, usually in a dynamic fashion (i.e., just saving the same prompts and using them over again on different material won't give you optimal results).

While you can manually use free AI to try and self-edit a large body of text, we can relieve you of that burden at a fair cost. Spend your time writing intead of fiddling with AI.

Don't get scammed

Surely, professional book editing services can't be that expensive, can they? Well, some people will tell you that, and offer to edit your manuscript for mere hundreds.

Be wary of that. You may end up squandering your hard earned, starving artist cash on overpriced, subpar editing services that help you none, or even be left empty-handed (besides the empty pockets).

Our robots are cheap, and don't pretend to be what they aren't. The cost is upfront, and it's fair. We encourage you to collaborate with a human editor, if you got the means. If you don't, there's palpable benefit in using earnest automatic editing at a fair and predictable price.